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Work Experience Australia

All done! What now?

So would you say I did excellent...Or very excellent?

Get feedback from the employer, supervisor, manager or anybody you work with about how you did, where you did well and also what areas you could improve in. Don’t forget to include any achievements you made – these are super important for your rйsumй (I didn’t break anything!). If you have no idea whether you did well or not, how will you know if you suit the job?

Please sign this document I made that says I’m awesome

Ask for a reference and an evaluation of your work with a list of the skills you displayed and your suitability for a similar position in the future. Work experience is an experience that you can use at interviews to explain how you engaged in team work, showed initiative and so on. This may all sound fairly boring but without it, all that it will say on your rйsumй is that you like eating, you like sleeping, you like hanging out with friends and you’re amused by Family Guy. That’s stuff employers can guess by looking at you so you need more information! What sets you apart from the next person? If your answer is nothing, then keep digging.

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