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Work Experience Australia

I got myself a placement, now what?

Will you waste it?

Work experience doesn’t come too often. So here are some questions to consider going into it:

  • What are the skills and knowledge are required to do the job?
  • Could someone at my work experience placement be a potential mentor for me?
  • Do I need extra curricular activities on my rйsumй to gain employment in this industry?
  • Do the other workers enjoy their job?

The list of things you can learn is potentially endless. The main thing is to make a conscious decision to learn as much as you possibly can. If you enter your work placement with an attitude that you want to learn, you will. If bludging is more your thing, then expect to get nothing out of the experience and to potentially be dumber by the end of it.

If you honestly don’t know what you want to learn at your placement then maybe you should ask yourself why are you doing your work experience there?

They do what?

By showing a genuine interest and passion in the company or what the company does, you are more likely to make a positive impression than someone who shows little or no interest. You will also notice that other workers will like you more if you show interest in their line of work. If you rock up to your first day and have no idea what the company does or why you are even there (e.g. ‘school arranged it for me so whatever’) and your attitude in general is poor, then you can expect them to place you in the back room to count nails with a sweaty, hairy, balding man for the week where he will discuss – at length – the merit of cat petting as an Olympic sport.

You’re kidding? I have to clothe myself as well?

It’s always good to avoid being over or underdressed on your first day! Also, clogs are a definite fashion faux pas. It’s always good to jot that down.

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