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Work Experience Australia

Work Experience Melbourne - Fashion Opportunities

Students looking for work experience Melbourne fashion positions will find that competition is fierce for these opportunities. Fashion work experience is a popular choice, so those wanting to see first-hand what goes on in this industry need to be prepared for this and be proactive in finding a great work experience placement.

About fashion work experience

If you want to do your work experience placement in the fashion industry, then you should be prepared to apply well in advance. A bit of forward planning will ensure that you get the role you want, and that you don’t miss out because places will fill up fast. Even if you’re not doing the placement until later in the year, you may find that the slots fill up many months prior to that. Understand that you may have to compromise slightly when accepting a placement.

The fashion industry is very diverse – and design is only one aspect of that. If you’re super motivated to work in fashion, but you can’t get a design placement, then consider doing your work experience Melbourne placement in another area that leads into the design area. Things such as marketing, advertising and fashion brand management are all relevant and they will build your understanding of how the industry works.

Where and how to get work experience

A good way to begin to find the ideal placement is to look at what the options are and what different fashion businesses you would be interested in getting a placement with. Make a list of those that you’re interested in, then start making contact with them to find out what you need to do to apply.

Generally, work placements will be handled through a human resources department – so the best place to start is to either go online and see if there is any information there, or else call and ask to speak to someone in that department. Send a letter and give a solid outline of your interests. If you can be flexible this may help you with securing the placement you’re seeking. It is also useful to contact several organisations, since the competitive nature of this option means you may miss out on your first choice.

Taking action early on is the best way to ensure you get a fantastic placement experiencing firsthand the diverse and creative world of fashion. Getting in early will help you to secure the dream work experience Melbourne placement in fashion. Above all, don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm to get the most out of your experience while on your placement.

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