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Work Experience Melbourne - Football AFL Placements

If you’re football-mad then a work experience Melbourne AFL placement could be the ideal choice for you. Spending a week with an AFL club is an amazing opportunity, but securing a place with a club can be difficult. There are lots of students out there who would love this experience of a lifetime, so if you’re going to be in with a chance, you need to get organised early.

How to get AFL work experience

Work experience with an AFL club is only made available to a very small number of students. Depending upon the club, applications will open early in the year and those who have been successful will generally hear back from the clubs within a couple of months. To give yourself the best shot at getting AFL work experience, make sure you keep this in mind and get in early. You’ll need to have a well prepared application and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the sport and the AFL.

About AFL football places

In order to secure a work experience placement, you’ll need to find out how the club you’re interested in handles applications. Looking on their website or making a call to the club can help you get details of what, if any work experience opportunities the club offers. Once you’ve got that information, you can then prepare your application to complete you work experience Melbourne placement with the club.

What to expect during your placement

Depending upon the club and the structure of their work experience program, you could do a number of different things during the placement. Generally, you’ll get an insight into how the club functions, what tasks are involved in preparing for games, the different people that are involved in managing the players, coaching, support roles and a range of different aspects of the running and public presentation of the football club. These help give students an insight ‘behind the scenes’ to broaden their understanding of how an individual club fits within the broader AFL.

Work experience Melbourne students have the opportunity to participate in programs with clubs such as Melbourne football club, which has a well established work experience program. Competition of places is high, so make sure you are prepared in advance and you get your application in early in the year. Work experience with football AFL clubs is a truly exciting way to get an insider perspective on how the clubs work and will give you loads of ideas about options for a career within the AFL.

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