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Work Experience Australia

The Benefits of Work Experience: Melbourne Students Guide

Experience has always been regarded as the best teacher. Such is the case when students from Year 10 and higher undertake practical training and experience in a real work environment. Work experience Melbourne candidates are in a great position to begin networking with those involved businesses and organizations in their chosen field - sometimes showcasing much sought-after talent and skills.

Without a work experience placement you may have no idea about the day to day tasks of your dream job, which could result in you entering the workplace unprepared. You may be disappointed to find that your chosen path falls way short of expectations. This is reflected in rising numbers of non-completed traineeships, cadetships and apprenticeships.

Career consultants and schools recommend that you apply for a work experience Melbourne program in your chosen field for a number of reasons.

Benefits of work experience

High quality work experience: Established businesses and organizations in a number of industries offer you a chance to work for experience in a particular department for a limited period, often for a week. While in the work experience placements, you are required to follow the same working hours, routines and other rules as other employees.

In such real work environment, you are exposed to the actual conditions of an industry, including its challenges and rewards.


A network of significant contacts is one of the tools in a fresh graduate’s arsenal when looking for employment or pursuing a trade after school. When you undertake a work experience Melbourne program, you gain a head start in building this network by meeting important people and interacting with customers and clients in your chosen field.

Stepping stone

Experience in a particular industry puts you at an advantage, as future employers tend to consider prior and related experience as a plus when recruiting new workers. When work experience is obtained in a desired organization, it helps you to establish a foothold in the company where the training took place. Prior exposure may mean shorter adjustment periods and a relatively smooth integration in the workplace environment compared to a total newcomer.

Skills development

Experience programs may be structured to provide instruction and guidance along with hands-on training that improves your skills in a chosen field. Training programs are win-win situations which enable employers to help create desired skills which they can later tap.

Due to the limited availability of work experience Melbourne openings, you should prepare early, and send in your work experience applications at the earliest opportunity, indicating the department where you intend to gain experience and the inclusive dates of the placement.

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