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Museum Work Experience: Melbourne Year 10 Students Start Early

Year 10 Students who have a general interest in history, art, archaeology, science and technology are ideal candidates for museum work experience. Melbourne museums operate in a variety of sizes and types and are places where you can find collections of unique objects that are preserved for public viewing and study.

Museums might be maintained by the government or by the private sector and cover a wide range of subjects that you may want to pursue as a career. These include:

  • anthropology
  • art history
  • natural history
  • aquariums
  • art works
  • botanical gardens
  • children’s museums
  • planetariums
  • science and technology

Museums are fascinating and interesting places for learning but it is likely that you, along with most of the viewing public, are unaware of the type of work and the amount of effort that goes on in the backend to produce and maintain each exhibit.

Actual working conditions and the internal systems of museums are best appreciated in a work experience placement program that shows you to the different departments and ordinary tasks of museum workers.

Who may apply?

The minimum educational requirement for most work experience Melbourne museums is Year 10. If you are interested in the arts, history, science and anthropology, then you are encouraged to send in an application together with a work experience letter specifying which department you would like work in.

While most museums offer limited work experience placement and are unable to accommodate all applicants, if you are driven, inquisitive and talented then you have some of the qualities they will look for.

Related careers

Working experience in a museum or in any of its departments is a good stepping stone if you would like to become:

  • archivist
  • artist
  • librarian
  • social scientist
  • anthropologist
  • archaeologist
  • historian

When to apply

Museums generally start accepting work experience applications in the year immediately before the actual training period, usually between September and October. Advanced preparation is important, especially deciding which department to work for and the inclusive dates of the placement.

How to apply

Most museums ask you to fill out online application forms, and to attach your resumes which should detail your interests and achievements.

Work experience Melbourne museum applicants are notified by mail or email of the outcome of their applications.

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