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Police and Defence Placement Options For Work Experience Melbourne Students

A career in a police department or in any of the offices under the Department of Defense can be exciting. These organizations offer a variety of work experience Melbourne options in field operations and administrative work.

Police departments and agencies of the Defence department are involved in serving and protecting the community. Work experience opportunities in a police department can include:

  • finance
  • human resource management
  • information technology
  • general administration
  • research, strategic planning and policy analysis

You may also find placements in special fields such as fingerprinting, forensics, and media and communications.

The Defence department offers a national work experience program which:

  • helps you develop essential skills for future employment
  • eases transition into the workplace
  • gives you an idea about the wide range of choices in interesting careers available in its various branches.

Placements for this type of work experience Melbourne-based can be in high demand, so early application with the support of a school careers advisor is important.

Who may apply?

You will only be accepted for one of these police and Defence departments work placement programs if you are in Year 10, 11 and 12 and are at least 15 years old at the time of placement.

How to apply

You should first check to see which work experience programs are available. However, if you’re interested in a placement that is not being offered via the organisation’s website, you are encouraged to send a special request through your school coordinator who will make direct enquiries with the appropriate police or Defence department.

You can obtain application forms from your school coordinator or online from the police or Defence department’s websites. Complete the application and submit it to your school’s work experience coordinator or Career teacher. Only applications that are coursed through and approved by the school’s work experience coordinator will be considered by the relevant police or Defence department.

If your application is chosen by the Defence department, an offer and a Defence Work Experience Placement Agreement will be sent through your school and which must be completed and signed by:

  • you
  • your parents or legal guardian
  • your school principal

A work experience placement is usually confirmed only when approved and signed by the appropriate personnel in the police or Defence department. This agreement will contain important terms and conditions of your work experience. Melbourne students in the university and graduate levels are also welcome to send a work experience letter and application.

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