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Work Experience Australia

Improve Your Prospects Through Work Experience Victoria

When considering work experience Victoria has many options available to students both in Melbourne and in regional areas. Thousands of students across the state participate in annual placements, working in a vast array of industries and gaining firsthand experience of what it is like to be in the workplace.

When weighing up your interests and possibilities for future employment, it can be useful to pursue a placement that is relevant to the field in which you would like to work. With the right placement, you may find you have the chance to boost your long term career prospects, forming a working relationship with people in the industry that you’re aiming to get into.

Making the most of work experience

To get the most out of your work experience, approach it in a professional way and use it as an opportunity to get a ‘sneak peek’ at the type of job you one day hope to get. If you’re planning to do further study before pursuing a career, it may seem like that is a long way away. However, the impression you make during work experience could give rise to opportunities such as an internship while you’re at uni.

As well as getting a chance to see what people do from day to day in the industry you’re interested in, you’ll have a chance to show your talent and commitment to people already in that field.

Boost your prospects

A work experience Victoria placement will provide you with a chance to show your initiative and is an opportunity to undertake tasks just like those you’d undertake if you were employed in that field. If you are involved in something relevant, then work experience could provide you with something tangible that you could later show prospective employers. Gaining work experience can give you a great perspective which can be invaluable when preparing a portfolio for a job interview or an application for tertiary study.

If you’re in the later years of your schooling and interested in pursuing a trade or apprenticeship, you may also find that the work experience placement is an opportunity to find an employer that may be able to take you on as an apprentice or trainee.

When participating in work experience Victoria has a range of options across all industries – from AFL to journalism, and from fashion to zoology. A placement can give you insight into the day to day life of those working in a field that you’re considering for your future and you’ll gain an understanding of exactly what is involved in the job. By making the most of the time spent doing work experience, you’ll have a chance to develop contacts and you may even find a mentor who will help you pursue your career goals in the field of your choice.

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