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Work Experience Australia

5 Options for Work Experience Victoria

If you’re preparing to do work experience Victoria has a number of opportunities for students across a wide and diverse range of industries. No matter what you’re interests, there is the possibility to find a placement doing the job that you’re considering for the future. This can provide invaluable insight into exactly what that job entails and could open up a range of possibilities within that industry that you maybe hadn’t realized were an option.

About work experience

In Victoria, students are extremely well placed to do work experience in industries such as publishing, media, sports and recreation and much more. Melbourne is a cultural and business hub, which means that if you’re doing your work experience in the state capital, nearly every job you could think of may be a possibility while doing work experience.

5 Popular Work Experience Options

The following are some of the most popular work experience Victoria options:

AFL – If you’re mad about football, then a work experience placement with an AFL club is a fantastic opportunity to experience what it is like being part of the running of the club on a day to day basis. You could get to meet your favorite players and you’ll get to see what different people that work in this industry do in a number of different job roles.

Veterinary Experience – If you’re idea of the perfect job is to work as a vet or a veterinary nurse, then why not undertake your work experience in a veterinary surgery and find out more about what this job is about?

Fashion – Do you dream of creating stylish red carpet looks or producing innovative fashion garments? Then a work experience placement with a fashion house or designer will give you a deeper understanding of how a collection is created and what work goes into the garments that we see on the catwalk.

Zoology – Working with animals is not only limited to working in a vet’s practice. Zoologists are responsible for taking care of animals in the zoo, working on understanding their natural habits and behaviors, working on understanding the animal interaction with their natural habitat and much more.

Journalism – Working in journalism can encompass everything from writing for a newspaper to being involved in documentary film. If you’re passionate about discovering things and sharing information with people, this is a great career to pursue.

Work experience Victoria placements cover a range of industries, which means students can investigate many different career options. Picking a placement early means you’ll be more likely to secure your preferred choice, and you’ll learn more about what is involved when employed in the career you’d like to pursue.

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