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Work Experience Australia

Work Experience Victoria Opportunities for Students

If you’re a young Australian looking ahead to when you enter the work force, you can gain a key advantage in the labour market by being able to demonstrate work experience. Victoria students can earn valuable real world training through the Work Experience program that will help to get the attention of future employers.

Relevant skills

There are some things that just can’t be taught in the classroom, no matter how great the teacher is or how engaging and exciting his or her presentation may be. Some things you just have to learn by doing, and work experience opportunities provided to Year 10 students a wealth of practical know-how they can draw upon when they consider career options, no matter what field they enter.

From technical skills to the basics of dealing with customers and other employees, getting into a real work environment provides students with an invaluable practical knowledge base.

With globalisation and immigrant labour making the job market increasingly competitive, it’s important for young Australians to have specialized skill sets they can use to set themselves apart from other job applicants.

Even if students don’t eventually follow a career path related to their chosen work experience placement, they will still benefit from the experience. Students can learn interpersonal skills, basic business finance, professional conduct, computer and data entry and other skills that can be applied to almost any job or profession.

Government initiatives

There are a variety of programs beyond school work experience programs that are aimed at developing the Australian labour pool by providing young people with exposure to the work environment. In fact, the Australian Government has recognized the need to provide real world work experience to students, and has invested $25 million in providing educational work opportunities for Australian students in Years 10-12, as well as school leavers.

These funds will help support National Trade Cadetship training centres throughout Australia, which will provide Australian students with valuable work experience. Victoria students and businesses can both benefit from this program.

Businesses will benefit from having a trained labor pool they can consistently draw from, eliminating many of their training costs. Students will benefit by having relevant experience in a career field they can transition into right after school, or by learning skills they can apply to any profession.

With meaningful work experience, Victoria students can have a much brighter future in transitioning into the work force after leaving school, providing employers with skilled and motivated employees.

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