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Health and Safety Retail Work Experience Year 10 Students

Entering the workforce for the first time can be an exciting time for workplace Year 10 students. Eager to learn and take on new tasks, students tend to work hard and do well but are often unaware of the risks involved in the workplace.

Work experience in retail industry

The retail industry is a huge one employing many Australians and generating massive revenues for the economy. It employs a wide range of workers with various skills sets and a majority of young Australians obtain their first work experience in this industry.

Some of the areas for obtaining work experience in retail include:

  • Buying or sourcing products
  • Merchandising
  • Visual merchandising
  • Finance and HR
  • IT
  • Marketing and PR
  • Retail operations
  • logistics

Some of these opportunities entail manual handling activities such as:

  • stacking shelves
  • stacking cartons
  • moving trolleys
  • packing stock

These activities may involve heavy objects that could lead to physical injuries such as strains, sprains, cuts, falls and broken bones.

Importance of workplace safety

Observing the necessary precautions and proper use of devices are essential for workplace safety. Most manual handling injuries may be prevented by instruction, training and supervision. Young workers should also inform their employers of conditions that place them at risk such as when the load is too heavy.

Safety is an important aspect of retail work experience and every employer has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of its employees, including work experience Year 10 students.

Duty of employer

An employer should provide:

  • safe work areas, machinery and equipment
  • information, instruction, training and supervision for work safety
  • personal protective gear

As a work experience Year 10 student, you are also responsible for your own safety while at work and are expected to:

  • observe safety instructions
  • use equipment carefully
  • report hazards and injuries

First day at work

The first day of your work experience will typically be light. A student will rarely plunge right in to do the assigned tasks but will spend most of the first day getting familiar with the work place, functions and other workers. You can expect:

  • an orientation by a work experience manager or member of Human Resources (HR) staff
  • tour of the workplace
  • explanation and paperwork on Health Safety Rules
  • introductions to other employees
  • observation of employees with similar functions who can demonstrate how tasks should be done and equipment operated safely

Work experience Year 10 placements can be fun, exciting and a learning opportunity if you observe safety rules and regulations first.

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