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Work Experience Australia

Marine Science for Work Experience Year 10 Students

Australians have always had a love of the water, and is home to world renowned areas like the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, and a huge variety of unique aquatic species. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Marine Science is a popular course among many young Australians who are interested in marine life and its preservation. Field work is an important aspect of Marine Science and work experience Year 10 students can expect some exposure to marine creatures, the ocean and other marine environments.

Career opportunities of a marine scientist

The work of a marine scientist involves the conservation, use and development of marine and coastal environments. A Marine Science graduate can work in government agencies or in non-government organizations and environmental consultancies. Marine scientists usually play a role in regulating and monitoring the use of resources, solving problems and conducting research.

Work experience is important, not only for training and gaining hands on exposure, but also for building an impressive resume. Experienced aquarists reveal that work experience Year 10 placements gave them the edge after school. Work experience may be obtained through:

  • volunteer work at an aquarium such as the Melbourne aquarium or other place that involves marine life.
  • placement as a research assistant in a laboratory or in the field.

A placement in Marine Science may also expose work experience Year 10 students to daily tasks of the Curatorial, Education and Interpretation and Customer Service departments. Students can expect to work with aquarists, marine biologists and educators. They stand to learn tips and suggestions regarding their chosen field of study and how to enter this profession.

Find work experience placements

Obtaining work experience in marine science while in school is beneficial for students.

Most marine environment agencies and aquariums maintain websites where you can view work experience placements or obtain contact information of responsible officers within the organization. Slots may be limited so it’s best to make inquiries a few months ahead of the intended period of training.

Upon choosing a desired organization for gaining work experience, Year 10 students must submit their latest résumés accompanied by a work experience letter stating:

  • desired function or department
  • notable achievements in school
  • work history, if any
  • how placement in the organization may contribute to student’s career path
  • starting and ending dates of placement

The school’s work experience Year 10 coordinator must be informed of the approved placement and inclusive dates.

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