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Ballet and Opera Work Experience: Year 10 Students’ Options

If you are a talented students with a love of the performing arts, then you may discover you true calling by participating in relevant work experience. Work experience Year 10 students are encouraged to explore work experience ideas offered by ballet and opera companies.

Career options in the Arts

A work experience placement in a ballet or opera house gives you a rare opportunity to view what goes on behind the scenes of a performance. This is invaluable in helping you to decide if this is should be your after-school career choice, and will help you to gain valuable contacts for future employment.

In addition to a troupe of dancers and performers, performance companies regularly employ personnel for other departments with distinct functions such as:

  • marketing
  • company management
  • publicity
  • music
  • healthcare
  • production
  • technical
  • lighting
  • choreography
  • wardrobe
  • set and stage design

How to apply

Work experience placements in ballet companies and opera houses are limited and are assessed on a first-come, first-served basis. Like most organisations offering working experience to students, applications are considered months before the intended dates of the placement, some as early as the year immediately before the training period. So it is obvious that you should apply early!

The minimum entry is for work experience Year 10 students – lucky you! You need to submit a work experience letter detailing your interest in a particular department or area of study, proposed placement dates, your interests and achievements. Some companies may also require additional paperwork such as:

  • Student Placement Record (DET) from the student’s High School Career Adviser
  • Signed consent forms from parents or a legal guardian
  • Proof of public liability insurance provided by the school

Other work experience information

The work experience period usually lasts for a week, from Monday to Friday. While you can indicate your preferred dates, the company may believe a different period to be more suitable.

Work experience in a ballet company may culminate in a dress rehearsal, usually held a day before a public performance.

Most training opportunities are available in administration and production, including customer services, merchandising and publicity and observing dancers in class and rehearsals.

If you are interested in the wardrobe department, having the ability to use a sewing machine and be proficient in hand-sewing are pre-requisites.

When sending out applications for work experience Year 10 students are advised to clearly show how their past hobbies, classes and experience are a good fit for the chosen host. Having this information supported by a coach or teacher will be a great boost to your application.

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