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Behind The Scenes At University For Work Experience Year 10 Students

Work experience year 10

Now here’s an interesting way to get an insight into how a university works! Work experience year 10 students looking for an opportunity to experience a diverse range of options and get a glimpse into university life should consider a placement at a university.

This ‘other side’ perspective is an opportunity to try any one of a number of jobs that keep a university running. It can give you an insight into the way a university operates, and information about the academic and academic support role jobs that exist.

Whether you are planning to attend university or wanting to work in a support role, understanding the behind-the-scenes operations will benefit you down the track.

University experience options

Universities are large, busy places with thousands of students, academic staff and many different support staff filling a number of roles. The different placements available reflect these various types of positions that need filling in order to make the university run smoothly.

Some of the types of roles that you may want to look at as a work experience year 10 student include:

Maintenance roles – running a university requires a lot of work to keep on top of things. Trades people, gardeners, cleaning and catering staff and a host of others all play a part in this and there are opportunities for interested high school experiences to do a work placement in these roles.

Administrative – this is another area that may not instantly come to mind, but it is one of the most important support areas within a university. Admin staff support academics, carry out administration of student records, provide department and faculty support and a number of other related jobs that require experienced people with a desire to help others.

Technical and scientific roles – These roles can include helping individual academics with scientific research through to technical support in areas such as IT. This broad field is another area that requires qualified individuals who wish to play a part in keeping things going and helping students and staff of the university to learn and share their knowledge.

About work experience

Getting experience in a workplace is an opportunity to see for yourself what life is like beyond high school and in an industry that you’d like to one day work in. For some, this experience can actually send them back to the drawing board, but for many students, it consolidates their ideas about their possible career choices.

Being part of a workplace and experiencing what it is like to work on real life projects and tasks can be a great way to broaden your understanding of a particular job. Through work experience, you’ll gain perspective about what a position truly involves, have a chance to connect with people in the industry you’re interested in – and you’ll get something that will look great on your resume later on.

No matter what your interests, as a work experience year 10 student at a university, you have a chance to look at how things are kept going at a busy university from a unique perspective whilst there as part of a student work experience program.

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