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Hoping To Become A Tradie? Work Experience Year 10 Options

Work Experience Year 10

Work experience year 10 students interested in being a “tradie” will find that there is a broad range of areas covered under this general heading. Traditionally, this refers to work which requires the completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship.

However, there are new training initiatives now in place for those considering a trade, and as part of this, trade work experience is much more structured and focuses on giving a clear picture of what is really involved in the day to day work of a ‘tradie’.

When you participate in a trades work placement it is much more than just a week out of school - it is a chance to take a positive step towards a rewarding, enjoyable, hands-on career.

About trades

‘Trades’ are jobs that usually require an apprenticeship to be completed, and includes jobs such as mechanic, plumber, builder/carpenter, electrician, hairdresser and so on. Following completion of their apprenticeship, they become licensed by the authority relevant to that trade.

However, there are other ‘trades’ type jobs where on-the-job training, rather than tertiary study, is the only requirement e.g. plasterer, handyman, garden maintenance. Be sure that you understand the difference before applying for a trade work experience placement.


Retail traineeships, administration, tourism and hospitality are also sometimes thought of in terms of trades, and these areas have now been included in a new ‘cadetship’ program which is important to understand when you’re planning your work experience.

Cadetships are a way to make post-school work experience more of a stepping stone into a career in a trade. If you’re about to undertake work placement and you’re interested in eventually gaining a cadetship, then applying to a business that participates in the cadetship program is a good idea. If your placement goes well, then it could help your chances of getting into a job with ongoing training.

Finding trade work places to gain experience

If you’re a student and interested in doing a work experience year 10 placement that will prepare you for a job in a trade, you can apply directly to tradesmen that you know, send your application to others who may advertise in your local paper, or search online for work experience trades jobs.

You should speak to a careers advisor or placement coordinator at your school who can support your application. Later, they can advise you on how to get into a cadetship place or an apprenticeship, helping you towards a better career outcome.

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