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Work Experience Australia

Work Experience in the medical arena (hospitals and more)

Even in tough economic times, the health industry continues to be one of the fastest growing. This is largely because Australia has an aging population, which will increasingly be seeking health and medical services.

While the need for these services is high, there is a continuing shortage of skilled health workers, making it important for hospitals and health centres to set up programs for hospital work experience.

Year 10 to 12 students who are interested in careers in the medical field are ideal candidates and, if you are accepted, you may increase your chances of moving on to further tertiary medical training once you leave school.

The medical profession is broken up into different specialties. If your dream is to specialise in a medical field, then you should take the time to research that particular area to ensure you to apply for the right type of work experience.

Hospital work experience is available in a wide range of departments, including:

  • nursing
  • radiology
  • pharmacy
  • occupational therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • nutrition
  • speech therapy
  • podiatry

Where to obtain medical work experience

Community hospitals offer placements for medical work experience. Work experience Year 10 students are generally asked to send in their application letters or complete online application forms. You should at this time indicate your desired departments and dates for the placement.

How to apply

You should plan ahead and send in your resume, application form and cover letter within the application period - the earlier the better as places are limited and fill quickly. Even though hospitals might like to admit all applicants, they are unable to offer placements to everyone.

Organisations tend to look for students who demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm and interest in science, so a great covering letter indicating your interests, motivations and any laboratory experience is highly recommended.

Other employable skills that employers look for in students are communication, team work, self-management, and problem-solving. Personal characteristics such as honesty, enthusiasm, reliability, personal protection and common sense are also preferred.

Work experience Year 10 programs are important to allow you to gauge how your chosen career actually fits your expectations. The experience also provides a sneak peek into the environment and the ordinary demands of a job, helping you to transition smoothly from schools or tertiary studies into the workplace – where conditions are very different.

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