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Work Experience Australia

Work Experience Year 10 Opportunities in Fire Brigade

Australian students in high school are expected to undergo work experience Year 10 level and higher. Work experience is an opportunity for young students to find out how it’s like to work in their desired workplace or career path.

During a work experience placement, you will be allowed to perform a set of tasks and duties just as an employee would, but the focus will be on the learning experience. A program will ordinarily consist of some instruction and shadowing of certain personnel and actual hands-on training in chosen departments.

Consistent with the government’s policy of promoting work experience while students are in school, various organizations and businesses now offer work experience Year 10 programs. The Fire Brigade is an excellent choice for work experience. It gives a student the chance to find out what working for the fire service involves, its disciplines and challenges.

Future firefighters may want to consider obtaining work experience in the Fire Brigade. Due to safety reasons, most work experience programs in this field are in the corporate departments and the mechanical engineering department, where participants will provide administrative, mechanical and computer support. Nevertheless, previous participants confirm that the exposure still provided a glimpse of the different departments and allowed them to interact with various personnel.

How to apply

Vacancies in the Fire Brigade’s work experience programs are often limited. Interested students are advised to submit their work experience letters months before the program starts. Each program in the corporate departments will take up a whole week while students who will train in the mechanical engineering department may expect to stay on for two weeks.

  • Submit a letter expressing interest in obtaining work experience in the Fire Brigade, indicating as well the specific department in which you intend to gain experience.
  • The work experience letter must state the inclusive dates of the program.
  • Address the letter to the human resources department or other designated recruitment officer.

Employment in the Fire Brigade offers excellent opportunities for career advancement, valuable training and an attractive pay. Through related work experience, Year 10 students who wish to pursue a career as a fire fighter or other personnel in the Fire Brigade enhance their employability whether in the same field or in other working environments. Like most work experience placements, actual workplace exposure helps develop general working skills, improves self esteem and confidence and prepares students for employment.

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