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Work Experience Australia

Work Experience Year 10 Students Kickstart Their Future Careers

Work experience year 10

If you’re looking for a work experience Year 10 placement, then there is a broad range of options available. Each year thousands of Melbourne students take up placements in a wide variety of industries that they are considering for future employment.

If you’re weighing up your options, then you may want to think about what this placement can mean to your longer term prospects. For those who want to work in highly competitive industries, work experience placements can be useful stepping stones, often helping their tertiary course acceptance and future job prospects.

About work experience

Work experience has, over the years, given high school students, just like you, the opportunity to demonstrate their desire to work in a particular field. Through this system, work experience year 10 students can really get a handle on what day to day tasks are undertaken by people working in job they are considering.

Especially in the case of ‘glamour’ jobs like fashion design or stockbroking, once you see that even these involve boring, everyday tasks, you may decide to broaden your career choice research. And this is a good thing, as being too narrow in your thinking could result in you not even considering the career path that is just right for you.

The advantages for future prospects

Another way that work experience can be helpful is that you may make some solid contacts in your chosen industry. If you’re going to pursue a career in a particular field, you may find that the people you come in contact with can be great for future networking. They may become your mentors, or be able to help when applying for other opportunities later, such as internships while you’re undertaking tertiary study.

Work experience gained during high school and, looking ahead, your tertiary study, really shows people that you’re serious about career planning, and it can also can really give you an ‘edge’ when it’s crunch time and you’re applying for paid jobs.

In different fields, the experiences you get by taking the initiative during work experience placements could actually mean you have something tangible to show prospective employers. For example, if your dream job is in journalism, a work placement could present an opportunity to get your name in print, giving you something ‘real’ to show when you go for job interviews.

The contacts made though a work experience job could be of benefit when applying for entry level roles with your work placement host. Should a position become available, the fact that your resume lists that business will in itself make you stand out from other applicants.

Finding your own path when seeking out opportunities can begin as early as your work experience year 10 placement. Even something that may seem small could really help to strengthen your resume, and help when you’re later trying to get that first ‘foot in the door’.

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